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August 29, 2006

yes, i’ve moved again.. visit me at hm… Will i still be there when you read this?



May 11, 2006

i will rant about 3 things in this post.

1. Taxi drivers who deny passengers if their destination is not en route home (ESP WHEN IT'S RAINING) The Dept. of Transportation should remove their permit to operate if they keep doing so. If they're going to be picky about their passengers they might as well go to hell. They're only adding up to traffic, wasting gas and adding up to the already congested number of stupid motorists. To think you pay a flag down fee of 30 pesos to take you somewhere where they're already going anyway. PI nyo nalang.

2. Drivers who don't respect pedestrian lanes. PI nyo rin ang bobobo nyo.

3. Traffic enforcers that ignore the stupid actions of #2 and other violators of traffic rules. PI! The government would be more efficient with putting up posts and hanging a 'Traffic Enforcer' sign on it. Hell even if they dressed these posts up in uniform sewn with the finest linen they'd still be relatively saving more.

that's what they always say.. and i agree.. just recently i found myself out of it. Again, thanks for the inspiration all, it really did help me feel better, though i don't even recognize some of you. hehe

It has been a very personal experience. I guess my spiritual life was abandoned for a span of time. it's a long story, but i'm still trying to understand it now. There are already some aspects that have been made clear to me, but it seems that there's still more to learn from the experience. One thing i can say is, nothing happens by accident. Everything you go through in life happens for a reason.

i died..

April 15, 2006

and i think i still am dead.. but i guess i'm on my way to becoming alive again.. thank you for the words of encouragement guys.. it's nice to know i have friends like you who are, in a way, there for me. 🙂 life can only get better now.. i hope..

Though i'm surprised he hasn't whipped my behind so bad yet.. it has come to a point where there is nothing left i can do.. and now, i simply wait.. if you ask me whether i gave the fight my all? ashamed, i would admit that i didn't. But what can whining do now right? just have to keep moving. Well in my case now, just have to accept whatever come my way. But despite everything seeming to go wrong again, just like they did late last year, although i got myself in this mess this time, i've been a tad more stable i guess, considering that i haven't yet broken down. like they say, what won't kill you will make you stronger.. to be honest, i'm actually in the middle of hell right now.. but this time, it seems i'm in some limbo where i can see myself in the flames and i feel pain, but it's never too much.. i am being disciplined. that's for sure.

it's a day where anything that could go wrong does. *sigh* let me await my doom.

it's a day where anything that could go wrong does. *sigh* let me await my doom.

i must admit…

April 3, 2006

i prefer coffee from starbuck's so much more over coffee from seattle's best.. it's just that seattle's in Katipunan is a much better place to be in. The people are so friendly and the place is just perfect for studying and working. And like i said, the people make you feel welcome. This just illustrates that even though you don't have the best product, if you got the best service, people will still patronize you.

never be

April 2, 2006

you have your life to live
a wonderful one indeed
full of love and perfect happiness
or so you make it seem
and everyday gone by
from that look into your eyes
that day you took my breath away
with one sweet simple smile

you’ll never know how much that day
turned my life around
it caught me breathless, feeling helpless
knowing i have found
a love that i would never have
though hoping that i might
someday just catch your eye and be
the beauty in your sight

i like this theme..

March 19, 2006

everything is on the front page.. but it doesn’t look too messy.. okay.. i’m supposed to be answering my take home exam for PI 100. I can’t get started because i’m having a hard time thinking about what to write.. it’s supposed to be written in tagalog.. Yes of course i know how to speak.. but it’s harder to get all my sentiments out when i’m not speaking in a native tongue. Though, i do wonder what would happen if you ask me to write a paper in bisaya. zzz i’m sleepy.. got so much to do.. grrr grrr grr…